Businesses constantly review their technology against a new industry initiative for readiness, that their service be evaluated against peers, that their practices be compared to industry best of breed or that their business is validated in preparation for a major initiative such as an accounting system upgrade or the rollout of a new LTE network. Our expertise acts as an independent reviewer and can be leveraged at any point in this lifecycle of a business initiative.

Every business is unique in its own nature and every product that they use is different. Hence, every consulting engagement is different, but TechGaia offers its broad experience to bring top tier industry knowledge to each and every client engagement.


Strategy development
TechGaia evaluates the readiness of your technology platforms and revitalises your technical strategy to assist in realizing your commercial vision.

Vendor selection through an RFI/RFP/RFQ process
TechGaia realizes the entire RFx process for its clients from requirements gathering and analysis phase right through to vendor selection recommendation following its technical due diligence through integration specification among others. TechGaia ensures that the selected vendor is the best fit for your business.

Service evaluation
TechGaia offers an and to end evaluation of services particularly to uncover hidden configuration anomalies and bottlenecks to evolving underlying architectures to future proof your services.

Test strategy
TechGaia places great emphasis on service testing and automation. Our experts will bring to the table the best test practices, test automation strategies, performance test tools and templates among others based on our enormous testing experience. We will optimize your test strategies and ensure that they are fit for purpose and deliver optimal quality.

TechGaia enables you to get more bang for your buck by performing a thorough evaluation of your network and services and offer recommendations for optimizing your network in order to yield better performance so that you get more for less.