Our Solution Centre comprises of a design and development team located in South Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Americas. We span across various time zones so that you as our client is never left hanging while waiting for responses whether you have an issue in the middle of the night or just have a question during the day time.

TechGaia’s deeply technical, independent and tightly managed solution-centre has been developing bespoke solutions for the IT and Telecommunications client and vendor communities since the last two decades. We offer complete end-to-end and cost-effective custom software development solutions from A-Z using the latest technologies. Our process involves thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry, products and services in order to deliver a tailored cost-effective, scalable and robust solution.

Our Agile Development Environment
Our tightly managed and distributed solution centre comprises of an established Agile and Collaborative environment which enables our clients to customize the engagement based on their needs without compromising on quality or time. We believe in working collaboratively with our clients and as such we have established such an Agile environment. Our solutions team prioritize and schedule each requirement into sprint cycles overseen by our certified SCRUM masters so as to keep our development effort lean, fast-paced and of the highest quality. The Agile framework enables us to continue pushing beyond technical boundaries, resulting in better positioned and smart solutions.

Here is a sample of what we have done so far:
Our core expertise includes the development of accounting and business operations software in the IT sector, and core platform and device applications development in the Telecommunications sector including iOS, Android and Blackberry applications.


1) Check Delivery Tracker – ensures that checks are only disbursed to the recipients authorized by your payees to pick up checks on their behalf.
2) Customer Experience Management Solution
3) A full blown human resource management solution for a Caribbean client including several management areas such as Absenteeism, Benefits, Employee, Person, Training Vacation, Job and Job Evaluation among others.
4) Commission Sets – Calculates commissions on Sales, Margins and Collections among others
5) Contact Database Management System (CDMS) – Manage Email Lists and Campaigns, send promotional emails to target groups such as birthday club promotions among others.
6) Mini Banker – a full solution for banks developed for a client in Jamaica. It consists of features such as FX Exchange/Cambio Solution (BOJ Approved), Multi-Currency Depository Accounts, Peachtree and Quickbooks Interface and much more.

1) Automated SMS based monitoring tool
2) Mobile Campaign Management for a North American customer. Contact us to view this Case Study.
3) SMPP Interconnect Gateway
4) An Online Charging System written in a combination of C++ and Java for voice and data supporting Gy/Ro for communication with the PCEF.
5) Several value added services using USSD and SMS for balance enquiry, campaigns, customer interaction, loyalty services and more.